Sunday, April 7, 2013


Geometry is the one of the subject that make students wonder when they will ever use it again .yet; it has many applications in daily life.

Geometry is especially used in home building or improvement projects .if you want to find the floor area of a house, you can use geometry. These information is useful for telling an estate , how big your house is when you want to put it on the market .if you want to purchase a piece of wood ,you have to estimate the amount of varshines you need the calculating the surface area of the wood.

Importance of study of geometry

Geometry is considered the important field of study, because it has many applications in daily life .for example, a sport car move in a circular path and it applies the concepts of geometry. Stairs are made in the homes in consideration to angle of geometer and stairs and designed to 90 degree. When you throw a round ball in a round basket ball, it is also an application of geometry .Moreover, geometry is widely used the field of many ways such as architecture, decorators, engineers etc. In the architecture for building design and map marking, in addition, geometrical shapes are circle, rectangle, polygon, square, are used in the artists. The most interesting example is the nature of speaks of geometry and you can shapes in all things or nature.

I have recently faced lot of problem while learning difference of two squares formula, But thank to online resources of math which helped me to learn myself easily on net.

In daily life there is a lot of use of geometry by Architects, Decorates,

Engineers and many other professionals in determining distances, volume, angles , areas etc and it helps in understanding the proportion of thing in the universe. There is a wide use of geometry in textile and fashion designing and countless other areas.

Geometry is used because we need to help us the house hold tasks like putting carpet in the room ,if you need to know that the shape of the room is and then you need to know the area formula for that the shape so therefore it  is used in the way.

Geometry is at work everywhere you go. Without geometry, we would not be able to build things, manufacture things or play sports with must success. Geometry not only makes in every day life possible, it makes them easier by providing us with an exact science to calculate measurement of shape.

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